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Round Corners Business Card

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Round Corners Business card Round Corners Business card

Round corner business cards are a popular variation of traditional business cards that feature rounded edges instead of sharp corners. This design adds a modern touch to the classic business card and make a business card stand out in a sea of standard rectangular cards.

The rounded edges of these cards not only add visual appeal but also make the cards easier to handle and less likely to get bent or damaged in a wallet or cardholder. They can also convey a softer, friendlier image for businesses that want to project a more approachable brand.

The rounded corners can vary in size, from a slight curve to a more dramatic rounded edge. It can be applied to all of the four corners of the card or just one or two. The effect is subtle but impactful, making the card stand out from the standard rectangular cards.

Round corner business cards are available in a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal.

There are 2 different fabrication processes when referring to business cards round corner.

Round Corners comparison

Standard Round Corners

Standard round corners are trimmed with round corners trimmer machine. Business cards are trimmed to the normal rectangle / square shape 1st. It is then being cut off a small section of the card’s corners to create a curved edge. The outcome of this round corners is not perfectly smooth in tangency because it is trimmed in 2 processes. The advantage of round corner created using round corners trimmer is cheaper and hence it is more popular.

Perfect round corners

Business card with perfect round corners features a smooth tangency round corner. It is done by using die-cutting process. After the printing and finishing processes, business card will be die cut using special made die-cut block.The result is much nice, high-end and luxury. The costing of perfect round corner is higher compare to the standard round corner.

The choice between a trimmed round corner and a perfect round corner ultimately comes down to the costing. Standard round corners are more popular mainly because it’s affordable.

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