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0.42mm Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards


Plastic Business cards

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards are made from high-quality PVC plastic material that is semi-translucent or transparent, providing a modern and sophisticated look. Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards are designed to showcase a minimalist yet elegant design, making them a popular choice for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to make a lasting impression on their clients.

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards Spec

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards
  • Dimension | Size :

    85.5mm(w) x 54mm(h) [Standard Size for credit cards]

  • Material :

    0.42mm Premium Transparent PVC

  • Printing :

    One Side 4 Colours CMYK Printing
    One Side 4 Colours CMYK + White Ink Printing

  • Finishing 1 :

    Matte Smooth Surface
    Matte Textured Surface
    Gloss Transparency Surface

  • Feature:

    Printing Scratch Proof

  • Printing Lead Time :

    5-8 Business Days (Ship-Out Day)

  • Quantity Order :

    200pcs/ per name per design (MOQ: 0.42mm)
    300pcs/ per name per design
    500pcs/ per name per design

    *100pcs = 1 Box

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards Variation

Our Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards come in three variations: Frosted Transparency Matte Smooth, Frosted Transparency Matte Textured, and Gloss Transparency.

Frosted transparency Matte Smooth business card
Features a matte, smooth and sleek finish, providing a clean and professional look. This type of card is perfect for minimalist designs and subtle branding.

Frosted transparency Matte Textured business card
Features a matte textured surface that adds depth and touch sensation to the business card. This type of card is perfect for creating a more tactile and visually appealing design.

Gloss Transparency business card
Features a transparent sleek finish, transparent but yet to Cristal Clear Transparency touch, providing a unique and modern look for business cards. This business card is perfect for businesses looking to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

matte smooth surface finishing


Matte Smooth is a unique surface finishing with matte visual and smooth touch.

premium white pvc matte texture


Matte Textured provide ultimate matte visual with anti fingerprint feature.

premium white pvc matte gloss


Glossy surface finishing maintain the colors vibrant on its high gloss visual.

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards – Features

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards are laminated with additional layer that featuring of printing-scratch-proof, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition. They are perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to create a lasting impression.

premium white pvc waterproof


True waterproof – meaning it can resist water and moisture without getting damaged or deteriorating.


Protects the color from fading due to oxidation, providing a long-lasting and vibrant appearance


Printing scratch protection – ensuring that the printed surface is shielded from scratches and abrasions.

White Ink printing (4C + White Ink)

White ink is used to print white text or graphics on a transparent background. When it comes to transparent PVC business cards, using white ink can be a great way to create a unique and eye-catching design. White Ink create a variety of effects such as highlighting specific areas of the design, creating contrast, or making text more readable. It can also be used to create a negative space effect, where the text or design appears as if it is floating on the card.

Business Cards Printing

14 Years Experience In Business Card Design & Printing was started in 2008 producing variety business cards ranging from standard business card to custom business card. Through out 14 years of experience, our talented creative team, hundreds of materials choices, various type of printing technology and plenty of post-printing finishing, all are meant for one purpose:
“to create the best business card for your organization”.

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