Plastic Business Cards (0.42mm Frosted Transparent PVC Card)

Size:  89mm(w) x 54mm(h)
Material: 0.42mm PVC Frosted Transparent
Printing: 1 side 4 Colours Printing**
Min. Quantity Order: 200pcs/per name
Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 business days
**Current PROMO: Free WHITE Ink Printing (4C + White on same side)

Estimated delivery between: Jun 3, 2024 - Jun 5, 2024
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Quantity / per name (pcs) Price (per 100pcs) Total (RM)
200 100.00 70.00 (PROMO) 200.00 140.00 (PROMO)
300 90.00 63.33 (PROMO) 270.00 190.00 (PROMO)
500 70.00 56.00 (PROMO) 350.00 280.00 (PROMO)
1000 53.00 530.00


More and more business people are ordering transparent business cards. And all because such a product is interesting and at the same time a practical accessory for successful business people who keep up with modern trends.

Frosted business cards are distinguished by their sophistication, unusual design, elegant style, which will surely attract people’s attention.

Frosted Transparent PVC Card Malaysia

A plastic business card is a product that remains in the memory for a long time and, as experience shows, it does not go to the trash can, as can happen with others.

Such a product tacitly speaks of the high status and authority of the organization. If you want to look stylish, respectable, and successful in front of your partners and clients, then a transparent name card will be one of the suitable tools for this.

If a PVP transparent card seems like a trifle to you, remember that life consists of trifles. Therefore, do not waste time and order plastic business cards for your business.

They are well suited for executives in a company who want to:

  • Attract the attention of customers and partners to the company’s services;
  • To have a stylish contact accessory that works for the reputation of the company and a particular person.
  • A creative transparent business card is more accessible than ever, and it’s up to you whether you use this marketing tool or not.

If you plan to order the production of transparent business card Malaysia, you need to understand their features:

  • The colors on the finished product will differ slightly from those that you see on the layout since plastic does not reflect light.
  • For a transparent business card, you can use the technology of embossing in gold or silver, apply a holographic image, apply to emboss, making it more original and fashionable.
  • business cards of this type are made of polystyrene, Plexiglas, polyester glass, PVC (types of plastic).

After production, you will receive products that:

  • Resistant to various damages, kinks, bends.
  • Resistant to high humidity and moisture directly.
  • Resistant to scratches on the surface.

Having such characteristics, at their low cost, transparent business cards are very popular among business representatives of various directions.

We have extensive experience in the production of printing and have all the necessary resources to provide quality services at an affordable cost and we will make transparent business cards.