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0.42mm Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards

Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards

Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards

Plastic Business Card

Frosted transparent PVC business card is a unique and modern business card that always stand out from standard name card. The frosted effect creates a semi-opaque appearance, allowing for a certain level of transparency and thus create a subtle + elegant look. Frosted transparent PVC business cards are durable, long-lasting, and water proof. It gives a sleek, modern design image and make your name cards extraordinary & memorable.

Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards Specification

  • Dimension | Size :

    89mm(w) x 54mm(h) [Fixed Size]

  • Material :

    0.42mm Frosted Transparent PVC

  • Printing :

    One Side 4 Colours CMYK Printing
    One Side 4 Colours CMYK Printing + White Ink

  • Printing Lead Time :

    3-5 Business Days (Ship-Out Day)

  • Quantity Order :

    200pcs/ per name per design (MOQ)
    300pcs/ per name per design
    500pcs/ per name per design
    1000pcs/ per name per design

    *100pcs = 1 Box


Business cards is trimmed using Hydraulic Paper Cutter giving clean and smooth edges. 


Round corner is trimmed by round corner trimming machine. Standard round corner is 7mm.


Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards – 0.42mm Thickness (16.5pt).

Opaque Visual

Frosted transparency PVC BC have a solid, opaque, and cloudy appearance.


Frosted Transparency PVC BC comes with rough textured surface that is coarse and tactile touch.

Water Proof

White Ink Option Available

White ink can enhance the visual impact by creating greater contrast and versatility on the CMYK printing.

Water Proof

PVC material is waterproof that can withstand exposure to moisture or even dip in water.

4 Colors + White Ink

White ink printing on a Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards creates a striking layered visual impact to the colors. The white ink forms a contrast between the opaque white ink and the transparent substrate, making the text and images stand out and improve the readability. This resulting in a visually striking and dynamic composition of the business card design.

Business Cards Printing

14 Years Experience In Business Card Design & Printing was started in 2008 producing variety business cards ranging from standard business card to custom business card. Through out 14 years of experience, our talented creative team, hundreds of materials choices, various type of printing technology and plenty of post-printing finishing, all are meant for one purpose:
“to create the best business card for your organization”.

1. Place Order & Payment
2. Digital Proof
3. Processing To Printing
4. Shipping To Doorstep
What is the Cons of Not Using White Ink As The Base?

It is not compulsory to use White Ink on the business card depending on your overall design intention. 

Without White Ink as the base colour, the text opacity on dark backgrounds will not be clear. Even QR Code itself will be harder to scan when your facing a dark background itself. 

What is the lead time for this Frosted Transparent PVC Business Card?

Frosted Transparent PVC Business Cards takes 3 – 5 business days.

Can I print on Frosted Transparent PVC Business Card?

Yes, but the printing for Transparent PVC Business Card is for 1 side 4 Colours CMYK Printing.

Is the material for this PVC Business Card a Solid or Soft?

The PVC material used for this business card is soft, allowing for easy bending, while still retaining the natural elasticity of PVC.

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