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0.76mm Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards

2-Sided Transparent PVC

2-sided Transparent PVC Business Cards

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards

2-sided transparent PVC business cards are a unique and rare type of business card that are sure to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. Due to their transparency, these cards require a specific design that allows artwork on the back to match the front, creating a cohesive and professional look.

In order to achieve this effect, white ink is applied in between the two layers of 4 colors printing, resulting in a clean and clear image. The end result is a sleek and modern 2-Sided Transparent PVC business cards that are perfect stand out from the competition. With their durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness, two-sided transparent PVC business cards are a great investment for any business looking to elevate their branding and marketing game.

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards Specification

0.76 Premium transparent  PVC Business Card
  • Also Known As:

    2-Sided Transparent PVC

  • Dimension | Size :

    85.5mm(w) x 54mm(h) [Standard Size for credit cards]

  • Material :

    0.76mm White PVC (Credit Cards Thickness)

  • Printing :

    4 Colours + White + 4 Colours

  • Finishing 1 :

    2 Sides Lamination for Scratch Protection
    3 surface options:
    – Matte Smooth
    – Matte Textured
    – Gloss Transparency

  • Finishing 2:

    PVC DieCut – credit cards size with perfect round corner

  • Printing Lead Time :

    0.76mm : 12 Business Days (Ship-Out Day)

  • Quantity Order :

    100pcs/ per name per design (MOQ: 0.76mm)
    200pcs/ per name per design
    300pcs/ per name per design
    500pcs/ per name per design

matte smooth surface finishing


Matte Smooth is a unique surface finishing with matte visual and smooth touch.

premium white pvc matte texture


Matte Textured provide ultimate matte visual with anti fingerprint feature.

premium white pvc matte gloss


Glossy surface finishing maintain the colors vibrant on its high gloss visual.

Premium Transparent PVC Business Cards (2-Sided Transparent PVC)

premium transparent pvc features


Made with a water-resistant PVC material, these business cards are durable and can withstand exposure to moisture and wet conditions.


Lamination layers provide scratch protection, ensuring your prints stay pristine and protected from wear and tear.

Business Cards Printing

14 Years Experience In Business Card Design & Printing was started in 2008 producing variety business cards ranging from standard business card to custom business card. Through out 14 years of experience, our talented creative team, hundreds of materials choices, various type of printing technology and plenty of post-printing finishing, all are meant for one purpose:
“to create the best business card for your organization”.

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