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Business Card Bleed
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Why Do I Need Business Card Bleed in My Artwork?

This is another question that is often raised by customers. Why Do I Need Bleed for My Business Card Artwork?

When it comes to business cards design, one important aspect that often gets overlooked is the inclusion of bleed. Bleed refers to the extra area added to the design beyond the final trim size of the business card. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that your printed business cards look professional and polished. Let’s delve into the importance of bleed and why it should be a part of your business card artwork.

Business Card Bleed – Preventing White Borders

The bleed area serves as a buffer zone that extends beyond the trim size. It allows for a small margin of error during the printing and cutting process. Without bleed, there’s a risk of having white borders or unwanted gaps along the edges of your business cards. By including bleed, you ensure that your design extends all the way to the edges, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing appearance.

The actual size of your business card is determined by the trim marks (actual size – red frame) indicated on the artwork. These marks act as guidance when the business cards is been trimming to their final dimensions. The bleed area serves as a safety zone beyond these trim marks. It guarantees that there are no unwanted gaps or white edges, as the excess bleed will be trimmed off, leaving you with clean, crisp edges.

Bleed is an essential element in business card design / artwork. It ensures that your printed business cards look polished, consistent, and professional. By incorporating bleed, you prevent unwanted white borders. When creating your business card artwork, make sure to extend your design elements beyond the trim size, typically by 1.5mm – 2mm, to account for bleed. This simple step will go a long way in enhancing the overall appearance and quality of your business cards. Remember, attention to detail in your artwork translates to a positive impression of your brand.

** Both of the animated image gif may help you to understand Business Card Bleed better.

Business Card Bleed- actual/real photo

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