Leaf Shape Round Corner Business Card (PUSACO, Petaling Jaya)

leaf round corner business card

Business card can be customised with different sizes or adding diagonal rounded corners on to it.

A simple design business card can be enhance by just having round corners at 2 corners of the business card.

Material: 310gsm Art Card
Printing: 4C x 4C Offset Printing
Finishing 1: Matte Lamination
Finishing 2: Spot UV

Frosted Transparent Plastic Business Card

    By incorporating frosted plastic into the business cards designs, it creates an individuality impression.

    It gives the feelings which is similar in looking through sandglass window. This business card is simple yet remarkable with reasonable price.

    Material: 0.41mm Frosted Transparent Plastic Business Cards
    Printing: UV Printing

Custom Made Custody Card (Burgeon, Petaling Jaya)

RIBS business card

Same series with the business card with same material. The custody card is printed with 315gsm Creamy Special Card Stock.

The custody card is used for keeping customers details, with serial numbers to keep track on special services given or remarks such as discounts.

Material: 315gsm Creamy Special Card Stock
Process: Offset Printing
Finishing: Blind Deboss

Custom Made Business Card - Long Business Card (DPC Contracts, Kuala Lumpur)

transparent hot foil with long size special material

When the client first came in, he wanted to have a longer business card.

This business card is special as the size of the business card is longer than 89mm x 54mm standard name card size. Longer business card is supposed to have a stand out effects, however, it could not fit into the standard business card case or holder.

Material: 230gsm Ivory White
Printing: 4C x 4C Offset Printing
Finishing: Hot Stamping

Small Name Card (C.R.Gang)

    A name card does not have to be big in size to grab attention. Small business card does that too.

    This C.R.Gang business card is only, 40mm x70mm. The small and tiny business card has all the necessary details on it.

    Their client can access to their Facebook page by the QR code. The design is simple and informative.

    Material: 0.21mm PVC
    Printing: Full Colour Digital Printing