Singapore Shipping and Handling Charges 

At businesscard.my, we use a variety of shipping carriers to deliver your order to Singapore. Based on the products purchased, size/weight of the order and delivery selected, we would determine which carrier is to be use.

Pos Malaysia Flexipack International  (est 4-10 business days)

 0kg -1kg RM70.00
 1kg -2kg RM100.00

*RM10 included with Tracking Charges + Handling Charges by businesscard.my
*Delivery Quote based with Pos Malaysia :  http://www.pos.com.my/about-us/faq/?postal-services

250gsm S Ivory White 1 box (100pcs) = 147g
260gsm Art Card 1 box (100pcs) = 175g
310gsm Art Card 1 box (100pcs) = 195g

More than 2 kg - By quotation

Moq : 200pcs ( 2 boxes) / per name

Ex (Flexipack) : ( 4 names x 8 boxes ( 175g (260gsm Art Card) ) + 100g (Boxes) = 1.5KG