plastic business card printing

Paper name cards can be prone to damage due to wear and tear. At businesscard.my, we offers better alternative of this issue by providing plastic name cards. Plastic name cards are durable and waterproof, whilst providing attraction and good impression to the recipients. We provide various types of high-quality name card materials including Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylic business cards for this range.

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  • 0.21mm PVC
  • 0.41mm Frosted Transparent Plastic**
  • 0.46mm White Glossy Plastic (Round Corner)
  • 0.46mm White Matte Plastic (Round Corner)
  • 0.40mm Frosted Transparent Glossy Plastic (Round Corner)
  • 0.40mm Frosted Transparent Matte Plastic (Round Corner)


**0.41mm Frosted Transparent Plastic Card is not able to have round corner.