PVC Business Card - Die Cut (Pet Affinity, Kuala Lumpur)

Making a name card with Die Cut.

A Die Cut of a dog bone shape is being chosen when our designers wanted to present a strong identity to the pet store.

From the outlook of the name card, we want to let people know the clients products and services even before they start reading on the name card. This name card received good feedback from the client.

Material: 0.21mm PVC
Printing: Full colour digital print
Finishing: Die Cut.

Acrylic Business Card - Custom Transparent Name Card (Adrena)

Another rendition of Adrena’s aluminium business card, this stunning business card is made with A Cast Acrylic in order to get the highest crystal-clear looks.  A Cast Arcylic is the highest quality acrylic that you can find in the market, thus making this business card very rare and extraordinary.

You may view Adrena's aluminium business card here.

Material: 2mm A Cast Acrylic
Process: Probe Engraving

3D Cube Business Card

In year 2010, we set a challenge among our designers to design a special name card to represent the company's creativity. The concept of this challenge is to have the designers to "think out of box".

3D Cube Business Card is then being designed. This name card is the most processes and finishing out of so many types of business card but the outcome of this name card is that it carries our brand very well. Unlike other normal business cards, 3D Cube business card is hollow with solid walls, plus it's features intended texts and logos with a unique and special feeling.

Material: 310gsm Art Card
Printing: 5C x 5C Offset Printing (Pantone Silver 877 C)
Finishing 1: Matte Lamination
Finishing 2: Spot UV
Finishing 3: Die Cut + Perforation
Finishing 4: Gluing

Businesscard.my Business Card - Die Cut Custom Made Business Card

We felt that among all the process, die cut is one of best and affordable way to grab attention. Out of various design concept done by our designers, we selected these 2 business card design as the final for businesscard.my

Material: 230gsm Ivory Card
Process: 4C x 4C Offset Printing.
Finishing: Die Cut