Aluminium Plate Business Card (Adrena)


Have you seen a business card made with aluminium before?
Our designer defies the boundaries by giving a pack of wow factors by designing this out of the ordinary aluminium business card. Aluminium sheet is used as material in order to create the business card that none others can follow. This business card projects professionalism, unique and sophisticated of a company to its clientele.

You may view Adrena's another rendition of acrylic business card here.

Material: 0.3mm Aluminium Sheet
Process: Laser Engraving.

Die Cut Business Card (Hats & Belts, Singapore)

Hats and belts business card is designed using Die Cut. The graphic and the Die Cut shape directly shows what their business is about and it gives a strong and impactful impression.

Material: 260gsm Art Card
Process: 4C x 4C Offset Printing.
Finishing 1: Matte Lamination
Finishing 2: Die Cut

Corrugated Handmade Card

This extraordinary name card is being designed by Mirza Architect, architecture. He uses a corrugated board. By looking at the card at first sight, it gives us the impression that this card is very unusual and outstanding.

What's more, he formed lines and circles on his name card using pencil before giving it out. Even though this name card looks simple but it's unique and only one of its kind.


Digi Specialist Store Die Cut Business Card

Choosing the right business cards plays an important part to your corporate. DiGi Specialized Store (DDS) chooses Die Cut business card to have a business card shaped similarly to the DiGi logo. At one glance, customers can immediately recognize the company which the person belongs to and leave a remark on their business and services.

Special Texture Business Card (Irene Chen Photography)


Irene Chen bring her design and looking for thick card with nature texture with letter press printing. Letter press printing was not available in Malaysia at that time and the costing is very high. Out of hundreds of card stocks that we have, she chose this 320gsm texture card stock with FSC Certification. We offered her an alternative solution to letter press which the costing is much affordable.

Material: 320gsm FSC Certified Texture Card