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Embossing & debossing are one of the special finishing printing techinque we have that can elevate your name card printing from flat to premium looks. Adding emboss / deboss can leave a striking look in or pattern on your business card. This kind of special finishing can make your card memorable, because it create the one of the kind look - just like your business.

Emboss : - Raise image from flat surface but it will leaves a mirrored indentation on the other side of the card.

Deboss : - Create Indentation created by stamping a metal die on the front of the card stock and it might cause raise image if the card stock is too thin.

Specification :
Material: Natural White Card
Finishing : 2 side Emboss / Deboss


Winter Time Business Card (Kuala Lumpur)

Winter Time has been famous for providing a wide range of quality winter apparel and served as apparel specialist to clients worldwide such as Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China.

One of the biggest challenge faced for this metalic blue card is the printing color. White ink printing has been selected as primary printing. Their corporate color - Orange color is printed on top of the white color.

Visit Their Website for their business info : www.wintertime.com.my

Material: Metallic Shiny Card
Finishing : White Ink + Printing


Metallic Rose Gold Foil Printing Business Card On Omotenashi Services

Rose Gold Foil Printing offers an luxurious look on the name card printing and creates good impression for the customers who received it. 

Our Metallic rose gold foil finishing are suitable printing for female customers who works at Boutiques, Salons , Wedding Stylist & more . 

Specification :
Material: Bianco Card
Finishing : 2 side Rose Gold Foil Stamping


J.Volution Business Card to Customized Bookmark

Name cards are meant to deliver your business info to your client. J.Volution design their namecard as a bookmark which provide value added to their business card.

By choosing the sliver flash card with turqoise foil stamping, the bookmarks become one of the favourite business card we have done. Customized bookmark would make a thoughtful touch to the targeted audience. It can be used as giveaways to promote and build anticipation for your marketing campaign.

Specification :
Material: Sliver Card
Finishing : 2 side Turqoise Foil Stamping & Die-cut


2 side Foil Stamping on UTC Business Cards

Beautiful Foil Stamping on the Gorgeous 610gsm UTC (Ultra Thick Card) added an extra touch that makes the card exclusive!

Material: 0.81mm 610gsm UTC Card
Finishing : Black & Blue Foil Stamping